How can I add a new community or collection to the Archive?

Please contact us. We will help you determine whether to create a new community or use an existing one. We will also create the community or collection for you or direct you to the administrator of the existing community / collection who will help you with the submission.

Please see How to Submit Items for more information.

How do I deposit works in the Archive?

How to Submit Items walks you through the submission process. Please contact us if you have more questions.

How do I find out what myUM ID is, and where do I get one if I don’t have it?

myUMID login is needed only for submission. If you don’t have a myUM ID yet, go to myUMID site, click on First Time User, Set Up Your Password, then follow the steps.

If you have a myUM ID but forgot your password, or you are not sure if you have the ID already, go to myUMID Account Management, and then follow the steps.

How can I add dissertations or theses to the Archive?

Currently only dissertations and theses submitted by the Graduate School through the Proquest/UMI EDT process will be accepted.

Can someone submit materials on my behalf?

Yes, but you will have to give the person permission by signing off the UMB Digital Archive Non-Exclusive Distribution and Preservation License.  You will also need to provide the person with the metadata of your work for submission.

What data do I have to provide during submission?

Metadata, data about your work, are necessary to help people find it. The following are the minimal metadata requirements for submission:

  1. Title (if the item does not have a proper title, provide a descriptive title)
  2. Author(includes creator)
  3. Subject Keywords
  4. Date

If date is unknown or uncertain, fill the “Date” field with year 0001 and give the approximate date, century, or era with an explanatory note in the “Description” field.

Other fields will be available in the electronic submission form, and you are encouraged to provide as much information as possible to help people find your work.

What should I put in the Date during the submission?

The Date captures the date the work was formally issued.  If the work was formerly published, you should use the date of publication.  If not, it should be the date you submit your work to the archive.  All dates should be entered in the format YYYY-MM-DD.

What formats can I deposit into the Archive?

We accept any electronic formats. However, for the purposes of long-term accessibility and preservation, we recommend that you use PDF/A for textual content, and TIFF and JPEG2000 for images. These formats are standard today, and it is much more likely that they will be usable in the future than any proprietary formats.

We have defined three levels of preservation for the various formats: supported, known, or unsupported.

  • Supported formats will be functionally preserved using either format migration or emulation techniques.
  • Partially Supported formats are those that we can’t promise to functionally preserve (e.g., proprietary or binary formats) but which are so popular that we believe third party migration tools will emerge to help with format migration.
  • Unsupported formats are those that we don’t know enough about to do any sort of functional preservation.

For all three levels we will preserve the native files so that “digital archaeologists” of the future will have the raw material to work with to make the work accessible. For more information see Preservation of Files in the UMB Digital Archive.

Can I upload video and audio files into the Archive?

We accept audio and video files and support MP3, MP4 and .wav files. Please see the Preservation of Files in the UMB Digital Archive for more information.

If you have trouble submitting an audio or video file to the archive, please contact us for assistance.

Can I link the works I submitted in the Archive to my personal or other sites?

Yes. Each of your works in the Archive is represented by a permanent URL. Simple copy the URL and link it on your website.