How to Submit Items

Full-Service Submission

Staff at the HS/HSL will submit items for you. Please contact us at

Self-Service Submission

Only registered users may submit items for inclusion in the UMB Digital Archive.  If you have not registered, you may go here to sign up as a user.

The UMB Digital Archive is a collection of items in electronic format.  You can find a list of recommended formats here.  If you have materials already in digital form, you may scroll down to Submit your item.

If you need assistance converting an item that is not yet in digital format, please contact us for assistance in preparing your materials for submission.

First-time Users

  • Create your account.
    How? Register as a user.
  • Obtain authorization and establish a collection, if needed.
    How? Contact us. We will assign you the permissions you need and can answer questions about the process.

Now you are ready to begin contributing to the UMB Digital Archive!

Submit your item

Log in to the Archive and click the button that says “Start a New Submission.” The first question you will see asks you to pick a collection for your item.

If at any point you need to leave the submission process, click on the Save/Cancel button at the bottom of the page. Choose the Save option (or the Remove option if you just want to start over later). The next time you log in, click on the My Account box. You can resume unfinished submissions by clicking on the “Submissions” link.

Contact us if you need assistance.

Starting the Submission

Fill in as much information as you have. Cutting and pasting information is permitted.

Authors: Enter the author’s full name, with the last name first. Middle name or initial can follow the first name in the same box. Clicking the Add button will provide additional boxes for more author names.

Title: Enter the full main title of your item. If the item does not have a proper title, please enter a descriptive title.

Other Titles: Enter any alternative titles that the item has, such as a translated or abbreviated title.

Date: Enter the date of original publication, presentation, distribution, or creation. At the very minimum, you must enter at least the year. If the year of publication is unknown, enter 0001 in the year box, and include a note in the Description box giving an approximate date.

Publisher: Enter the name of the entity responsible for the publication, distribution, or imprint of any previously issued instance of the work.

Citation: Enter a bibliographic citation for the item if it was published. Although not required, this is very helpful to users who may wish to cite your work.

Series/Report No.: If the item is part of a series, enter the name of the series and the number of the item within the series.

Identifiers: Enter any identifiers that the item may have, such as an ISBN, ISSN, or URI, and select the type in the drop down menu. If the item has a locally created identifier, choose Other from the drop down menu.

Type: Select the type of item you are adding.

Language: Select the primary language for your item.

Click Next.

Keywords: Add keywords or phrases that describe the content of the item. Clicking the Add More button will provide additional boxes for more keywords.

Abstract: Enter text from the formal abstract or summary of the item.

Sponsors: Enter the names of any person or group that funded or sponsored the development of the item.

Description: Enter any additional description of the item (number of pages, or approximate date, for example.) Do not enter file type or size, the archive will detect and add this information in another field.

Click Next.

Upload a File

Click Browse and navigate to your item on your computer. Select the appropriate file and the path name to the file on your computer should appear in the File box.

If your item consists of more than one file, you will be able to upload each of them separately. You can enter a brief description of the file you are currently submitting to differentiate it from the others.

Click Next.

File Uploaded Successfully

If you successfully uploaded the correct file, either select the Add Another File button if you have additional files to be part of the same item, or else click Next.

Verify Submission

Verify that all of the information entered to this point is correct. If you need to correct something, click on the Correct One Of These button adjacent to the section of information that you need to correct.

Once all information is correct, click Next.

Grant the License

Read and agree to the Non-Exclusive Distribution License or the UMB Digital Archive Contribution of Work Agreement .

Please note: You are NOT surrendering copyright. The license agreement only grants non-exclusive distribution rights to the University of Maryland, Baltimore Digital Archive. As the author and owner of the copyright, you retain the rights to submit the item elsewhere.

Submission Complete

Your item has been submitted for review. Once the review process is complete, your item will be publicly available. You will receive an email indicating that your item officially has become part of the UMB Digital Archive.