Copyright & Digital Permission

  1. As stated in the University System of Maryland (USM), IV-3.20 – POLICY ON INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY,
    faculty, researchers, and students own copyright in their scholarly or educational work at UMB unless such work is subject to other terms as stated in grants, contracts and other agreements, and, therefore, faculty, researchers and students generally retain copyright in their own scholarly and artistic works for purposes of depositing works in the UMB Digital Archive (Archive).
  2. Authors who have assigned copyrights to publishers or other third parties and wish to submit their works to the Archive may be able to obtain permission from the publisher in order to deposit the work in the Archive. Visit Sherpa website to check publisher permits, or contact the Archive staff for help.
  3. If the University of Maryland is the owner of copyright in a work, permission to include the work in the archive should be provided by an authorized representative of the UMB school or unit in which the work was created using the UMB Digital Archive – Contribution of Work Agreement. If a work has been created for a UMB school or unit by an outside vendor or non-UMB personnel, the terms of the agreement or contract under which the work was made should be checked to ensure UMB has rights to reproduce the work in the archive.
  4. Each submitter depositing a work on behalf of the copyright owner(s) is responsible for obtaining written permission to submit the work from the copyright owner(s).
  5. Each submitter is responsible for ensuring works do not infringe upon any copyright and that a work does not contain any confidential or proprietary information.
  6. Each submitter is responsible for any copyright violation arising from works they have submitted to the Archive.
  7. Upon a claim of copyright violation, the HS/HSL will remove the contested work immediately from public access subject to investigation of the claim. The metadata of the work may remain but will be rendered non-searchable to the extent feasible.
  8. Neither HS/HSL nor the University claim copyright in any deposited work based solely on the submission and inclusion of the work into the Archive.
  9. Copyright owners (or submitters with permission from the copyright owners to submit work) must agree to the terms of the Non-Exclusive Distribution and Preservation License or the Contribution of Work Agreement, whichever applicable, as a condition of the work being considered for inclusion in the Archive by the HS/HSL.
  10. The HS/HSL intends to, but does not guarantee, that it will disseminate deposited works over the internet and may authorize reproduction of the works in various formats in order to meet Archive goals, preservation goals and Archive usability.
  11. The Non-Exclusive Distribution and Preservation License does not limit the copyright owner’s right to submit the work elsewhere. Works will remain in the Archive in perpetuity, unless withdrawn by decision of the HS/HSL.