The UMB Digital Archive provides bit preservation for all files. Bit preservation ensures that a file remains exactly the same over time.  Functional preservation, the ability to use a file in the future in the same way that it is used currently, can only be guaranteed for supported formats.

  • Supported formats will be functionally preserved using either format migration or emulation techniques.
  • Known formats are those that we can’t promise to preserve (e.g., proprietary or binary formats) but which are so popular that we believe third party migration tools will emerge to help with format migration.
  • Unsupported formats are those that we don’t know enough about to do any sort of functional preservation.

Please see the Preservation FAQ for a further discussion of this policy.

File Format Extension Level
Adobe PDF pdf Supported
Postscript ps, eps, ai Supported
GIF gif Supported
JPEG jpeg, jpg Supported
PNG png Supported
TIFF tiff, tif Supported
HTML html, htm Supported
Text txt Supported
Rich Text Format rtf Supported
XML xml Supported
Microsoft Word doc Known
Microsoft Excel xls Known
MPEG Audio/MP3 mp3, mpa, abs, mpeg, Known
MPEG, MPEG4 mpeg, mpg, mpe, mp4 Known
WAV wav Known
BMP bmp Known
Video Quicktime mov, qt Known
Other Unsupported