1. Submitted works must be produced or sponsored by UMB faculty, research staff, or students. Submission of works produced by students must be sponsored by a faculty member.
  2. Submitted works must be in compliance with copyright law and may not contain any confidential or proprietary information. See Copyright & Digital Permission Policy.
  3. Policies for submission of dissertations and theses are established by the Graduate School.  Only dissertations and theses submitted by the Graduate School through the Proquest/UMI Electronic Dissertations and Theses (EDT) process will be accepted.
  4. Submitted works must be complete and ready for distribution. (No notes, work in progress, etc.)
  5. Copyright owners must be able to grant non-exclusive rights to distribute and preserve the works. See Non-Exclusive Distribution and Preservation License and UMB Digital Archive Contribution of Work Agreement.
  6. Library staff will review all submitted works for minimal metadata requirements, successful attachment of file, etc.  Staff might assign additional metadata.  See Metadata policy.
  7. All submitted work must be in digital form. UMB Digital Archive can accept many electronic file formats. Certain formats, however, such as plain text, XML, and PDF/A, are recommended because the likelihood of their full preservation in the future is much higher. See Preservation Policy.