1. As the UMB Digital Archive is intended to provide permanent access to deposited material, works will not be removed from the repository except under special circumstances.  If you would like your work removed, please contact the Archive Manager stating your reasons for requesting withdrawal.

Works that violate UMB Digital Archive Policies will also be withdrawn.  Some reasons for withdrawal include:

  • Copyright violation or plagiarism
  • Other legal requirements
  • National Security
  • Falsified research
  • Invasion of privacy

2. Since the goal of the Archive is permanent access to content, original metadata records are retained for all withdrawn content. If an item is withdrawn from the Archive, a “tombstone” is displayed. This includes the original metadata as well as one of the following statements:

  • Item removed from UMB Digital Archive on [date] by legal order.
  • Item removed from UMB Digital Archive on [date] due to a violation of UMB Digital Archive policy.
  • Item removed from UMB Digital Archive on [date] at HS/HSL’s discretion.

The records for withdrawn content will not be returned in search results.

3. These digitized collections are accessible for purposes of education and research. We’ve indicated what we know about copyright and rights of privacy, publicity, or trademark. Due to the nature of archival collections, we are not always able to identify this information. We are eager to hear from any rights owners, so that we may obtain accurate information. Upon request, we’ll remove material from public view while we address a rights issue.