Online Discussion Groups

Links to online discussion groups made up of individuals in the field of faith community nursing who interact through electronic message centers are provided in this section. These message centers allow members to review messages left by other members of the group or leave their own messages. Registration is required to participate, and please be sure to read each group’s terms and conditions of use.

  • ParishNurse
    This is a Yahoo! Group described as a networking forum for those working as parish nurses or interested in parish nursing. This discussion group serves s a good source for contacting other parish nurses with questions about the kinds of programs they offer and for professional advice. This forum also provides bookmarks to Web sites contributed by list members. Participation requires free registration.
  • Nursing Bulletin Board
    This site hosts discussion groups on a variety of nursing topics, including parish nursing. The discussions within a topical forum are listed by “thread,” or particular line of discussion. Posting requires registration, but no registration is required to view the archives.
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