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HSHSL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The HSHSL is pleased to announce that the Library building will reopen to students, faculty, & staff with UMB One Cards, and hospital staff with UMMC IDs on Monday, September 14. The Library will be open with limited hours Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. All individuals in the Library must abide by UMB's COVID-19 guidelines as well as HSHSL-specific guidelines. Masks must be worn inside the Library, except in closed study rooms, and physical distancing must be maintained (6 feet apart). In addition, we ask that you use the sanitation carts to clean your work area before use. Please read our frequently asked questions (FAQ) for more information.

Building Hours and Access

The HSHSL will be open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Students, faculty, & staff with UMB One Cards, and hospital staff with UMMC IDs. Badges must be displayed at all times while in the building.

UMB students, faculty, and staff entering the HSHSL building must scan your One Card at the card reader pole outside the front door before you enter. You should scan your card every time you enter, even if it is multiple times per day. This information is being used by the Campus to assist in contact tracing for COVID-19 infections.

If you are a UMMC employee or do not have a One Card, please stop by the front Information Services desk to be signed in by staff.

There will be no entrance from the Campus Center and the doors between the Library and Campus Center will be closed and locked.

Floors 1 and 2 are open to the public. Access to the Lower Level and floors 3-5 is restricted to Library employees and building tenants.

Yes, we can accommodate 142 visitors - 89 people on the 1st floor and 53 on the 2nd floor. This does not include Library staff and building tenants. There is a real-time monitor in our lobby that will tell you how many visitors are in the building and how many more can enter. You can also view this information on the Library's homepage.

Safety Expectations

The HSHSL expects everyone in the building to follow personal prevention guidelines outlined in COVID-19 Safety: Please Follow the Rules. The following is a summary of health and safety expectations you must follow while using the HSHSL:

  1. Follow designated spacing, flow, or traffic patterns marked on floors, entries, and exits.
  2. Elevators are limited to one person per cab. Use the stairs when possible.
  3. Study rooms are limited to one person per room. To use a study room, reserve one in advance for up to 2 hours per day.
  4. Practice CDC hygiene recommendations while in the building, including frequent cleaning of hands, use of hand sanitizer stations, proper use of PPE, and leaving the Library if experiencing symptoms or illness.
  5. Masks or face coverings can only be removed while in a study room with the door closed or while eating and drinking in the 1st floor Tower.
  6. Point-of-Use Cleaning carts containing cleaning materials must be used as instructed

Yes, the library is following science-based guidelines and quarantining any returned books, reference books, and books and bound journals used within the library for 6 days. Quarantined books are stored in our Lower Level closed stacks until they can be re-shelved.

No food can be consumed at the Library except in the 1st floor Tower area and in closed door study rooms. No food may be delivered to the Library. You may use the Library's microwaves located in the Tower to heat food. Covered drinks are allowed in the building. We encourage the use of straws to limit unmasking. Seating for food consumption is also available outside and at designated spaces in the Campus Center.

Individuals who do not comply with the UMB Policy Requiring Use of Face Coverings or other policies will receive a warning. If they fail to comply after a warning, they will be asked to leave the HSHSL. Infractions will be reported to the individual's supervisor or dean.


Yes, librarians are available for virtual research consultations. Contact your librarian to schedule an online consultation. UMB faculty and staff may also request an expert literature search.

Yes, you can print, copy, or scan on the 1st floor. There are also printers on the 2nd floor.

No, the fax service is not available.

No, please come prepared with your own dry erase markers and headphones.

Yes, for instructions and submission information, go here. We are only accepting online payments at this time.

UMB students, faculty, staff, and registered UMMC ID card holders can request books from the HSHSL's collection. If you are in the Library, ask for the book at the Information Services desk and we will pull it for you as staffing permits. If you are off-campus, go to the Library's catalog, sign in with your UMID and password, and then look up your book. Click "Availability" to make your request. We will pull the books, check them out to you, and notify you by email once they are ready for you to pick up.

Return any books that you have checked out to the outdoor book drop located to the left of the Library's front doors. For reference books, return to the marked box near the reference collection.

UMB students, faculty, staff, and registered UMMC ID card holders can request volumes from the HSHSL's print journal collection. If you are in the Library, ask for the journal at the Information Services desk and we will pull it for you. If you are off-campus, UMB faculty, staff, and students may request an article from an HSHSL-owned print journal via Request Articles and Books.


Go to the reservation page to schedule one of the 9 study rooms available on Floor 2. Rooms may be reserved for 2 hours each day and are single occupancy. You must have a email to reserve a room. Cleaning supplies will be available to sanitize your space. Please be prepared and bring your own dry erase markers. You may remove your mask while in a study room if the door is closed.

No, the Presentation Practice Studio is closed.

No, the iSpace is currently closed. But a librarian is available for virtual consultations and other inquiries. Email Brian Zelip,

No, conference rooms and classrooms are not available.

No, the HSHSL Lactation Room is closed. The lactation rooms in HSF III, the School of Dentistry, and Saratoga are open. Visit this website for additional information about lactation rooms available on campus.