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About Us

Our Mission

The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy leads pharmacy education, scientific discovery, patient care, and community engagement in the state of Maryland and beyond.

Our Vision

We inspire excellence in our students through a contemporary curriculum, innovative educational experiences, and strategic professional relationships;

We advance scientific knowledge across the spectrum of drug discovery, health services, and practice-based and translational research with significant focus on collaborative partnerships;

We expand the impact of the pharmacist's role on direct patient care and health outcomes;

We build and nurture relationships with all members of our community;

We capitalize on our entrepreneurial spirit to improve pharmaceutical research, practice, and education in Maryland, the nation, and the world.

720 PharmD, PhD, and masters students enrolled at the School of Pharmacy

5,000 School of Pharmacy alumni living and working throughout the world

4th Oldest school of pharmacy in the U.S., founded in 1841

12 The School's 12 centers and programs provide public education, conduct research, and link clinical and academic activities

$26.1M The School's total grants and contracts from government, industry, private, and foundation sources during the 2016 fiscal year

Faculty in the Department of Pharmaceutical Health Services Research provide valuable information on the economic costs and public policy issues that arise once drugs and therapies have been made available to the public.

Researchers in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences work to identify and develop new drugs to treat drug abuse, cancer, metabolic diseases, and infection.

Faculty in the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science address health disparities, medication use, and best practices to prevent and treat a variety of diseases, with clinical science research activities focused on gaining a better understanding of drug efficacy and delivery.

Centers and programs within the School of Pharmacy provide public education, conduct research, and link clinical and academic activities to strengthen the health infrastructure across the state of Maryland.

Faculty and staff at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy are committed to inspiring excellence in our students, advancing scientific knowledge, and expanding the impact of the pharmacist�s role in patient care.

These individuals help create the future of pharmacy, dedicating their time to educate and support the next generation of pharmacists and pharmaceutical researchers who will carry the values instilled in them during their time at the School and contribute to the health and well-being of society.

The Dean's Office includes a number of administrative offices, which provide the support that is crucial to helping the School achieve its mission.