HTC Vive VR Headset Launches Monday in Innovation Space

Step into the world of virtual reality at the HS/HSL starting this Monday, April 23. Our Innovation Space will be launching a HTC Vive virtual reality system that is comprised of:

  • a headset
  • hand held controllers
  • wall mounted motion sensors
  • a collection of software apps

Stop by the iSpace during VR walk-in hours, weekdays between 1pm-4pm. Staff will be on hand to strap you in and guide you through the emerging technology.

Our current list of available Vive apps includes:

Science and Education

  1. 3D Organon VR Anatomy – anatomy atlas
  2. ChimeraX – next-generation molecular visualization from UCSF
  3. nano-one – build with organic molecules
  4. Calcflow – explore and manipulate vector calculus

Art and Design

  1. Kodon – virtual sculpting tool
  2. Mesh Maker VR – 3D modeling
  3. Tilt Brush – 3D painting

VR Experience

  1. theBlu – underwater exploration
  2. Universe Sandbox – physics-based space simulator
  3. Waltz of the Wizard – experience virtual reality as a wizard

Fun and Games

  1. Fruit Ninja – a slice of virtual reality
  2. Rec Room – virtual reality social club
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