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The Presentation Practice Studio provides University of Maryland, Baltimore students, faculty, and staff with the space and technology resources to practice, record, and develop presentations as well as to refine public speaking skills.

We Can Help You

The studio has the technology and our staff have the know-how to help you practice and deliver the best presentation possible.

The soundproof studio is equipped with a podium, wall-mounted LCD panel, video recording equipment, a netbook computer, lighting and microphones.

To save a video presentation, be sure to bring your own storage device, such as a laptop, SD card or flash drive (8GB for 40 minute presentation; 16GB for 80 minutes; 32GB for two hours.)

A computer workstation with video/audio editing software is available by appointment:

Adobe Full productions Suite:

  • Premiere- video editing
  • After Effects- processing/effects
  • Photoshop- filters/still images
  • Illustrator- vector work (masks/motion paths)
  • Flash- web animation
  • Audition- audio editing
  • Lightroom- superior image RAW editing

Sony Suite:

  • Vegas- video editing
  • ACID- audio loop editor/soundtrack creator
  • SoundForge- audio editor
  • DVD Creator- author playable DVD’s with menus


  • Avidemux (video editing)
  • VirtualDub (video capture)


  • iKan Elite iPad Teleprompter running ElitePrompter on a dedicated iPad with Bluetooth remote for adjusting scrolling speed.
  • Allows the view-through filming with prompted text during the video recording process


  • “Magic Bullet”
  • “TrapCode Particular” and “Datamator”
  • “GenuineFractals”
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