Showcasing and Preserving UMB CURE Scholars’ Works

The HS/HSL is pleased to announce the inclusion of works by UMB CURE Scholars in the UMB Digital Archive. The CURE (Continuing Umbrella of Research Experience) initiative, a NIH National Cancer Institute program, supports and guides underrepresented high school students toward careers as health care providers and medical clinicians.

UMB was the first to take the program a step further, providing mentoring and guidance to middle school students from three Baltimore schools. Young scholars from these schools participated in the first UMB CURE Cancer Disparities Symposium (2017) and presented the results of their research, which included detailed medical illustrations of healthy and unhealthy conditions with posters describing the conditions and disparities. The HS/HSL is proud to preserve the work of these youngest members of our community.

Bile Duct Cancer by Lamar Hill and Tyler McKenzie Colorectal Cancer by Darien Hall and Tai’yon Morris-Weaver

The UMB CURE Cancer Disparities Symposium (2017) works are in the UMB Digital Archive community “Office of the President,” collection UMB CURE Scholars Program, together with all works by and about the scholars and the program. Works from 2018 are currently being added to the Archive.

The UMB Digital Archive is a service of the HS/HSL that digitally collects, preserves, and distributes the campus’s intellectual output and historical record. The UMB CURE Scholars’ work will be preserved and publicly displayed here in perpetuity.

If you are interested in submitting material to the UMB Digital Archive, please email the Archive Team.

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