New Datasets added to UMB Data Catalog

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Happy Love Data Week! To kick things off, we are publishing the first in a new monthly series showcasing recent submissions to the UMB Data Catalog. The UMB Data Catalog facilitates discovery of data by providing a searchable and browsable collection of records describing datasets generated by UMB researchers. Sharing a record of your data in the Catalog is also a great way to demonstrate compliance with data sharing policies!

The latest records showcase datasets focusing on the biodiversity of mosquito bacterial communities, the influence of high-performance media on extracellular vesicles, the role of the dorsal bed nucleus of the striatal terminalis in motivated behaviors, and a rapid, cost-effective protocol for single nucleus isolation. Congrats to our UMB researchers on these publications!

Title: An optimized protocol for single nuclei isolation from clinical biopsies for RNA-seq
Authors:  Thomas V. Rousselle, Jennifer M. McDaniels, Amol C. Shetty, Elissa Bardhi, Daniel G. Maluf, Valeria R. Mas

Title: Approaches to Potentiated Neuroprotective Treatment in the Rodent Model of Ischemic Optic Neuropathy
Authors: Zara Mehrabian, Yan Guo, Neil R. Miller, Amanda D. Henderson, Steven Roth, Steven L. Bernstein

Title: Culture Condition of Bone Marrow Stromal cells Affects Quantity and Quality of the Extracellular Vesicles
Authors: Amanda L. Scheiber, Cierra A. Clark, Takashi Kaito, Masahiro Iwamoto, Edwin M Horwitz, Yuka Imamura Kawasawa, Satoru Otsuru

Title: Relative contributions of various endogenous and exogenous factors to the mosquito microbiota
Authors:  Haikel N. Bogale, Abdoulaye K. Kone, Matthew V. Cannon, Ogobara K. Doumbo, Kalil Keita, Mahamadou A. Thera, Denka Camara, Christopher V. Plowe, Yaya Barry, Mark Travassos, Moussa Keita, Seth Irish, Drissa Coulibaly, David Serre

Thanks to Metadata Librarian, Eva Greitzer for creating and compiling these records!

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