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Every month, we will be highlighting new datasets added to the UMB Data Catalog. The UMB Data Catalog facilitates discovery of data by providing a searchable and browsable collection of records describing datasets generated by UMB researchers. Sharing a record of your data in the Catalog is also a great way to demonstrate compliance with data sharing policies!

The latest records showcase datasets from the fields of cardiac surgery, ophthalmology, and physical therapy.

Congrats to our UMB researchers on these publications!

Title: Development of a Reproducible Swine Model of Chronic Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation: Lessons Learned
Description: Establishes a swine model as a platform to better understand the mechanism of ischemic mitral regurgitation (IMR) and subsequently to test novel repair techniques.
Authors: Chetan Pasrija, Rachael W. Quinn, Hani Alkhatib, Douglas Tran, Daniel Bernstein, MaryJoe Rice, Ethan Koloff, David Morales, Michael N. D’Ambra, Mark R. Vesely, James S. Gammie

Title: The optic nerve lamina region is a neural progenitor cell niche
Description: Demonstrates that the optic nerve lamina region (ONLR) possesses an age-depletable neural progenitor cell (NPC) niche, with unique characteristics and culture requirements.
Authors: Steven L. Bernstein, Yan Guo, Rebecca Fawcett, Candace Kerr, Jeffrey Stern, Sally Temple, Zara Mehrabian

Title: Hip Abductor and Adductor Rate of Torque Development and Muscle Activation, but Not Muscle Size, Are Associated With Functional Performance
Description: Investigates the relationship of the hip abductor/adductors muscle strength, activation, and size with functional performance.
Authors: Marcel Bahia Lanza, Kelly Rock, Victoria Marchese, Odessa R. Addison, Vicki L. Gray

Thanks to Metadata Librarian, Eva Greitzer for creating and compiling these records!

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