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Center for Data and Bioinformation Services

Past Workshops

The Center for Data and Bioinformation Services offers workshops on a wide variety of topics. Below is a list of recently offered workshops and links to available slides, handouts, and recordings. If you would like to request a workshop tailored to a specific group please contact to discuss.

Best Practices for Research Data Management

Get organized and avoid a "data disaster"! This workshop provides basic strategies and best practices for effectively managing research data to ensure its organization and accessibility. Topics covered include: funder and journal requirements for data management and sharing, standards for file naming and structure, resources for data management planning and sharing, and strategies for storing data during research and preserving it for the future.

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Getting Connected to your Data - A Reproducible Workflow for Data Wrangling

Wrangling. Munging. Data Sanitation. These and other names describe an aspect of the data analysis life cycle typically thought of as boring and unglamorous, but which occupies the majority of time spent during a data analysis project. The time you spend in preparing your data for analysis, while crucial, cuts into the time available for using software to produce a visualization, calculate a statistic, or run a favorite machine learning algorithm. The goal of this seminar is to provide a reproducible workflow for performing your own data wrangling. I will suggest methods to help you to: 1) get to know your data, 2) cultivate habits that will help you to spend less time on wrangling, and 3) optimally prepare your data for the output you're interested in producing.

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Getting to Know the New NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy

This seminar is an overview of the new NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy (NIH DMSP), coming into effect January 2023. All grant applications submitted under the policy will require a data management and sharing plan. The goal of this seminar is to prepare participants to meet these new requirements. Participants will learn what the NIH DMSP entails and how it differs from the existing policy, as well as tips and resources for preparing data management plans.

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Writing Data Management Plans with DMPTool

Researchers, do you have an upcoming grant application that requires you to write a data management or data sharing plan? Are you striving to maintain well-organized research projects? In this workshop, we will cover the components of good data management plans with a particular eye toward NIH data sharing requirements. Participants will also be introduced to DMPTool, an online platform which provides plan templates and guidance from most major funders. Additionally, we will be providing participants with time during the workshop to work on plans for their own projects and ask questions and receive guidance from the instructors.