The World Of Color: An Exploration in Color Theory

A delightful new exhibit brings joy and bursts of color to the Weise Gallery March 10 – April 10.   Mother Mary Lange Catholic School, a pre-K through eighth-grade school in West Baltimore, has covered the Gallery in their student’s captivating artwork, including: pastels & paints, paper crafts, pen & ink, ceramics, and more. 

Art teacher, Joanne Terrell, explained the lesson behind the show. “Color theory is a guide to mixing colors. Using the color wheel, designers can create color schemes that produce emotions and behaviors in audiences. Sir Isaac Newton created the color wheel theory to explain the nature of primary colors. The objective of this unit was for students to reinforce prior knowledge of color theory and apply that knowledge while creating and responding to artwork. I wanted the students to enhance their knowledge of color theory and master the skill of using it to intentionally express ideas.”

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