New Study Space Coming to the Third Floor of HSHSL

Exciting news on the upgrade to the third-floor space! Beginning in April, the journal collection on the fourth floor will be condensed, allowing journals from the third floor to be moved up one floor. This will create a smaller collection footprint and open up new space on the third floor.

Once the journals are shifted to their new location, the empty shelves will be removed, and space will be reconfigured as a quiet study area. The new study space will extend from the area in front of the elevators to the windows overlooking Greene St. and into the large rectangular area across from study rooms 312 to 317.

The collection shift will begin in early April. Expect some noise as books are shifted and shelves are dusted and vacuumed. Removal of the shelving units and new carpet installation will take place over the summer.

In late summer, new furniture will arrive, including individual study pods, diner-style banquettes, and computer tables with second monitors. Also as part of the third-floor renovation, new tables will be added to the study rooms. The new study tables will be identical to those on the second and fifth floors.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the third-floor space, send us an email.

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