Collab Lab Student Exhibit + Silent Auction

Unknown artists for group project.

The HSHSL’s current Collab Lab Exhibit showcases student artwork from Mother Mary Lange Catholic School in the library’s Weise Gallery. This is our second partnership with the School, located in West Baltimore and serving grades PreK through 8th. In this latest exhibit of lively and vibrant collaborative paintings, students worked in groups, focusing on cooperation rather than competition.

Using the circle as a central design element, the students aimed for radial symmetry in the finished works, producing a delightful mix of colors, shapes, and splashes. The project required them to work together as equals and pool ideas. The children learned to appreciate their similarities and differences in a supportive environment.

The HSHSL is holding a silent auction for this engaging student art throughout its residence at the Library (February 21 – March 22, 2024). If you see a piece you enjoy, write your email and bid on the bid sheet next to the artwork. Winning bidders will be notified at the close of the exhibit. All proceeds will benefit the Mother Mary Lange school.

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