Fresh Data Alert: Check Out These New Datasets Published in the UMB Data Catalog this June

Woman sits at computer monitor. The UMB Data Catalog is on the screen.

Every month, we will be highlighting new datasets added to the UMB Data Catalog. The UMB Data Catalog facilitates discovery of data by providing a searchable and browsable collection of records describing datasets generated by UMB researchers. Sharing a record of your data in the Catalog is also a great way to demonstrate compliance with data sharing policies!

The latest records showcase datasets from the fields of neuroscience and physiology, molecular biology and malaria studies, and library science and education.

Congrats to our UMB researchers on these publications!

Title: Genotyping Plasmodium falciparum gametocytes using amplicon deep sequencing
Description: A genotyping method that detects distinct gametocyte clones and estimates their relative frequencies was developed to understand the dynamics of gametocyte production in polyclonal Plasmodium falciparum infections using a specific marker and amplicon deep sequencing to genotype mature gametocytes.
Authors: Jimmy Vareta, Natalie A. Horstman, Matthew Adams, Karl B. Seydel, Robert S. McCann, Lauren M. Cohee, Miriam K. Laufer, Shannon Takala‑Harrison

Title: Differential nanoscale organization of excitatory synapses onto excitatory vs. inhibitory neurons
Description: Confocal and DNA-PAINT super-resolution microscopy was used to compare scaffold protein organization in excitatory principal neuron synapses and parvalbumin-expressing interneuron synapses.
Authors: Poorna A. Dharmasri, Aaron D. Levy, Thomas A. Blanpied

Title: Increasing student engagement using an Amazing Race-style competition
Description: Evaluations of the “Amazing Race: Drug Information Edition,” an orientation activity designed to introduce first-year pharmacy students to library and drug information resources.
Authors: Emily F. Gorman

Thanks to Metadata Librarian, Eva Greitzer for creating and compiling these records!

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