Learn R this summer with CDABS

The Center for Data and Bioinformation Services (CDABS) will be holding two R workshops in July. The sessions will be held in-person at the HSHSL on July 24th and July 25th from 12:00pm to 2:00pm . Space is limited so register now!

R is an open-source programming language that is ideal for working with statistics and data. Here at CDABS, we love R for many reasons: It’s free, flexible, and friendly! In this series, we will focus on the Tidyverse, a collection of R packages designed for data science. The Tidyverse makes data manipulation, exploration, and visualization simple and intuitive. These packages provide excellent tools for cleaning, analyzing, and visualizing data, all while writing readable and maintainable code. Sign up for one or both sessions, but be advised that the second session will require a minimal familiarity with R.

See full session descriptions below and register here:

July 24 Data Wrangling with R — Introduction to the Tidyverse

This session will introduce participants to the basics of getting started with R and RStudio and introduce the workhorse package dplyr.  Participants will get hands-on experience wrangling real datasets.

Topics covered include:

  • Navigating RStudio
  • Key R concepts and terminology
  • Importing data from external files
  • Subsetting and filtering data
  • Split-Apply-Combine analysis workflow

Prerequisites: none

July 25 Data Visualization in R with ggplot2

Learn how to use ggplot2, a robust Tidyverse package  used to create high quality graphics for exploring and communicating your data. We will go beyond basic graphs and learn how to customize and annotate our graphs for more effective storytelling. Participants will have the best experience if they attended session one in this series or have some previous experience with R and the Tidyverse.

Topics covered include:

  • Visualization best practices
  • Grammar of graphics – ggplot2 layers, aesthetics, and geoms
  • Choosing an effective graph type for your data
  • Customizing labels, axes, legends, and more
  • Choosing a color palette and themes

Prerequisites: Session one in this series, or familiarity with navigating RStudio and basic concepts in R.

Questions? Contact: Amy Yarnell, data services librarian at data@hshsl.umaryland.edu.

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