All of Us Research Program Genomic Data Release


All of Us Research Program Genomic Data Release

The All of Us Research Program reached an important milestone with the release of its initial genomic dataset. Nearly 100,000 whole genome sequences (WGS) and 165,000 genotyping arrays are now available within the Researcher Workbench, less than two years after the beta launch of the platform. Nearly 50% of the data come from participants who self-identify with a racial or ethnic minority group.

Detailed genomic data are accessible through the Controlled Tier, a level of the Researcher Workbench with stricter requirements for access. This level also includes all of the data currently available in the Registered Tier, as well as additional clinical fields in EHRs, and more granular demographic data from both surveys and EHRs. For example, in the Controlled Tier, researchers can find additional International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes for COVID-19 testing and diagnosis data, real dates of health events, and residential information (first three digits of the ZIP code).

The Controlled Tier is available to registered researchers who have completed additional training and whose institutions have an additional data use agreement in place with All of Us.

UMB’s Institutional agreement with All of Us has been expanded to allow Controlled Tier access. Registered All of Us – Research Workbench researchers can now access controlled tier genomics data!

Not a registered researcher? To create an account with All of Us and go through their required trainings, you can go to their registration page,

CDABS has also put together a guide to help walk you through this registration process: 

Questions? Contact: Jean-Paul Courneya, bioinformationist, and Amy Yarnell, data services librarian at

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