New Exhibit: This Lead is Killing Us, June 10 – July 12

This Lead is Killing Us

The HSHSL is hosting a traveling banner exhibition exploring the story of citizen action taken against the environmental danger of lead. Lead exposure can cause neurological problems and even death. Despite this, lead has been pervasive in many aspects of American life, especially in Baltimore City, for over a century.

Historically, industries such as mining, battery manufacturing, smelting, and enameling included lead in their production processes, impacting factory workers and consumers. Manufacturers added lead to household paints and gasoline, endangering families’ health and polluting the air through exhaust fumes. To protect themselves against the dangers of lead poisoning, scientists, families, and individuals challenged industries, housing authorities, and elected officials.

The exhibit begins on the library’s first floor with the majority located on the second floor. Sources of lead in everyday items and our environment are on display, as well as a detailed map of lead concentration in Baltimore City neighborhoods.

Look for our announcement of upcoming programming, featuring a documentary on lead in Baltimore and a group discussion.

The National Library of Medicine produced this exhibition and companion website.

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