DABS (Data and Bioinformation Stuff) Volume 1 Issue 2: Spotlight on DMPTool

The Center for Data and Bioinformation Services (CDABS) is the University of Maryland Health Sciences and Human Services Library hub for data and bioinformation learning, services, resources, and communication.   

At least once a month, we will use this space to talk about a useful tool or resource. This month’s spotlight is on DMPTool, a free online platform offering templates and guidance from major funders on writing data management plans (DMPs). UMB is now a participating institution in DMPTool. A major benefit of this affiliation for researchers is that it gives you the ability to request personalized feedback on your plans from the CDABS team from within the platform. In the near future, additional features will be available, including single sign-on with your UMB credentials, and templates and guidance geared specifically toward the UMB community.

A data management plan is a key component of all research projects. You may be required to include one as part of a grant, but even when not required, having a DMP is a great way to help everyone in your lab have the same understanding and expectations surrounding your project data. A good DMP will explain what data is being collected or generated, how it is being described, collected, and secured, and how and when the data will be accessed and preserved after the project’s completion.

To get started writing data management plans with DMPTool, go to https://dmptool.org/, select Option 1 under Sign In, and type “Baltimore” in the search bar, then select “University of Maryland, Baltimore (umaryland.edu)“. If you already have an account with DMPTool, you can edit your account profile to list UMB as your organization.

To learn more about writing data management plans with DMPTool, sign up for our upcoming online workshop:
Writing Data Management Plans with DMPTool
Thursday, January 21 @ 12:00PM
Workshop description: Researchers, do you have an upcoming grant application that requires you to write a data management or data sharing plan? Are you striving to maintain well-organized research projects? In this workshop, we will cover the components of good data management plans with a particular eye toward NIH data sharing requirements. Participants will also be introduced to DMPTool, an online platform which provides plan templates and guidance from most major funders. Additionally, we will be providing participants with time during the workshop to work on plans for their own projects and ask questions and receive guidance from the instructors. sign up

Contact: Amy Yarnell, Data Services Librarian and Jean-Paul Courneya, Bioinformationist — at data@hshsl.umaryland.edu.

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