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December 2006 – Volume 1 – Number 3

Dental Student Names Newsletter – Wins iPod!

84 UMB students, faculty, and staff entered our Naming Contest and submitted a total of 233 entries! Students made up 75% of the participants. With 23%, the School of Social Work had the largest number of submissions. Another 20% of those offering ideas were from the School of Pharmacy. Enough with the stats, let’s get to the winner…

We had a tough task selecting just one name out of the many great suggestions. However, one name stood out above the rest. The new name of the HS/HSL E-Newsletter is Connective Issues. Congratulations to Kevin Bunin, second year student, from the Dental School! Kevin went home with a brand new iPod nano and a $15 iTunes gift card.

Thank you to everyone who entered and helped make the contest a success!

Inreach and Outreach

M.J. Tooey

Describing our users as being "remote" is actually a misstatement. In many cases, the Library, its resources and services, are what is "remote." We are faced with the constant challenge of reaching our entire community of users which also includes the State of Maryland, the southeastern region of the country, and even the nation. The HS/HSL has one of the longest standing library liaison programs in the United States. This program has recently been revitalized and expanded. Liaisons provide consultations, office hours and visits, serve on curriculum committees, work with students – this is what I like to call inreach. We are reaching "in" to our immediate community at UMB, working to become a vital partner in research, education, and service.

Aggressive outreach is our new passion! In addition to our own outreach projects such as Maryland Health → Go Local, we are looking for more opportunities to collaborate with schools and departments on grants and contracts where our expertise may be needed. We believe quality health information can have an impact on health disparities, patient safety, and health outcomes. Our goal is to become not just the "only publicly funded health sciences library in the state of Maryland" but to become the "public health sciences library in the state." It’s just a small change in wording, but it says alot about the seriousness of our intentions for both inreach and outreach. Do you have any ideas about partnerships? We’re here and ready to act.

Renovation – The Domino Effect

If you’ve been in the Library recently you may have heard the sound of jackhammers as construction begins on the new Campus Center next door. Sometimes even the earplugs don’t help as it seems the entire library building vibrates!

In January, we will prepare the second floor for construction of Student Records and Registration office space. However, for that to begin, many changes must be made in the Library.

Here’s what you can expect to see:

  1. A reorganization of space on the main floor. This will include a move of current periodicals from the second to the first floor; realignment of workstations, scanners and printers, expansion of the gallery, and a possible move for the reference desk.
  2. The beginning of the great collection shift. Literally every book and periodical in the library will be touched as we weed and remove books from the collection, and as we shift entire collections up a floor.

Library staff are working very hard to make these changes in ways to minimize the affect on our users. Things may seem somewhat chaotic for the next few months. If you have any questions, just ask a staff member.

REMINDER – HSHSL Library Items Due Soon!

Tired of overdue fines? Our users have been asking for courtesy reminder notices for some time and we are happy to now be able to offer them.

The HS/HSL will email a notice 5 days before an item is due (paper notices are not available). The notice will show your due date(s) and the number of renewals that you have used. We hope that this service will help our users avoid fines.

Please note that reminder notices are a courtesy. All borrowers are still responsible for returning materials by their due date/time without notice from the Library.

Expert Searches in MEDLINE and CINAHL

By setting up a personal account in an OVID database you gain access to your saved searches as well as to the Expert Searches that have been compiled by HS/HSL’s experienced literature searchers. The latest addition to the list of Expert Searches is "Health Care Disparities". We hope that this disparities search strategy will help keep our campus community aware of research on the quality of and access to health care services by various groups of people.

Within the Expert Searches you will also find a variety of evidence-based practice searches, including one for locating Meta-Analyses in both Medline and CINAHL.

NIH eSubmission transition February 2007

NIH has confirmed that its Research Project Grant Program (R01) transition to electronic submission will begin February 5th.

It is expected that with the R01 transition new applications will be submitted at and within eRA Commons.

The timeline for future NIH electronic submission transitions includes the Resource & Career Development Programs.

Contact the UMB Office of Research & Development for additional information and training.

UMB Faculty Survey Highlights

This past spring, the Library developed a survey to assess how well the Library’s journal collection meets the information needs of campus faculty. Dr. Donald Gill, Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, School of Medicine and Darryl Roberts, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing assisted in the development of the survey questions.

Responses were received from 168 faculty members. 41% of respondents were extremely or very satisfied and 34% were somewhat satisfied with the Library overall. Respondents identified 645 distinct journal titles that they use frequently in their work. Of the 645 titles identified, the Library provides access electronically or in print to 71% of these titles; when delayed access titles (embargoed) are included the number rises to over 80%.

Journals noted as most used by respondents: New England Journal of Medicine, Nature, Science, Journal of Neuroscience, JAMA, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Cell, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Neuron, and Pediatrics.

Analysis of the data continues; additional findings will be reported in future issues.

Citation Reports

Web of Science and Science Citation Index have a new feature that allows you to view graphs for publication activity and citation activity broken down by year. With this feature, you can learn the average citations per journal article and average times cited per year. You can also see an author’s H-Index (a researcher?s rating) and quickly remove self-citations.

To try out this new feature: Go to the Web of Science from the HS/HSL homepage. Enter the author’s name in the General Search author field and optionally include his/her institution. Finally, click on the Citation Report button.

Caveat: Our subscription dates back to 1987. Any works published before that date will not be included in the results and will throw off the H-Index score and citation summary.

Learn more with Thomson ISI’s tutorials

For additional assistance, Ask Us!

Rating Your Research

You can learn the suggested quality of a scholar’s productivity by determining an H-Index. The H-Index shows an author’s relative impact on his/her discipline by locating where the number of citations equals the paper’s rank. If a researcher has an index of 23, he/she has published 23 papers with 23 or more citations each. This rating becomes meaningful when compared to others within the same discipline. It is important to remember that scores will differ across disciplines.

Read the article where this rating system was originally proposed:

Hirsch, J.E. 2005. An index to quantify an individual’s scientific research output. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102(Nov. 15):16569-16572.
Preprint Full-text.

Want to know your rating? You can see it by using the Web of Science database. Use the instructions provided in the above Citation Reports article.

Giving to the HS/HSL

As we enter this holiday season, please consider the HS/HSL as a giving opportunity. Charitable donations to the HS/HSL are tax deductible and are used to support services, resources, and programs not funded by our state appropriation. Donations can be made online by going to and selecting the Health Sciences and Human Services Library as your intended recipient.

If you would rather mail a check, please make it payable to: The University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation with a note that it should go to the HS/HSL

HS/HSL, 601 W. Lombard Street, Baltimore, MD 21201.

If you have any questions about making a donation to the Library, please contact Executive Director, M.J. Tooey, at 410.706.7545. Thanks in advance for remembering us!

MD Consult Enhancements: Book Image & Book Text Searching

Have you had a chance to see that MD Consult has gone through some recent changes? The homepage has a new look: Simply enter your term(s) and search. New options also make it easier to limit a search within a couple of clicks. The Advanced Searching option has tips on how to improve your search.

More highlights…

Enhanced Book Searching:
The reference book searches on MD Consult are now full-text searches and include short excerpts within the results.

Book Image Searching:
Can’t decide between pleural effusion and pleural effusion with atelectasis? Use the new image search and compare feature to make a diagnosis. You can now search for images in all MD Consult books. Select up to 4 at one time and compare to determine which one fits your needs.

Holiday Hours at the Library

Sunday-Monday December 24-25, 2006 CLOSED
Tuesday-Saturday December 26-30, 2006 8:00 AM ? 5 PM
Sunday-Monday December 31-January 1, 2007 CLOSED

Fall term ends December 22, 2006.
We will resume regular hours on Tuesday, January 2, 2007.

School of Nursing Library Liaison

Stefanie Warlick

The Library has had a successful liaison program with the individual schools on campus for many years. The liaisons also work collaboratively with their individual schools to provide community-based health information outreach.

Stefanie Warlick is the Library’s Liaison to the School of Nursing. Stefanie received her Masters Degree in Library Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Information and Library Science. During her time at UNC, she worked as a Graduate Assistant in the Health Sciences Library.

Please email Stefanie at or call 6-8865 to discuss how she can help support your instructional needs or outreach projects. OR You can drop by and see her in the Reference area of the library on Wednesdays between 11-12 and 3-4.

For a complete list of library liaisons and their contact information, go to

November 2006 – Volume 1 – Number 2

Dust and Noise and Earplugs, Oh My!

M.J. Tooey

As delighted as we are to be getting our new Campus Center neighbor, we know that we will live the old adage, "temporary inconvenience, permanent improvement!" Over the next two years, signs of progress toward permanent improvement will include sounds of demolition and construction, as well as dust and disruption.

The finished product, a new Campus Center, will have a very positive effect on the HS/HSL. The project re-envisions the library as more of a community space especially on the first and second floors. So far, these plans include the relocation of many student services onto the second floor, redesign of the first floor, and expansion of the gallery. Collections will be weeded, moved and in some cases, digitized.

We are also preparing for new services such as 24 hour access and spaces for collaborative and technology-assisted work. As part of this process, the campus community will have opportunities to share ideas about ways to improve how they study, research, and serve.

In the meantime, come in! Grab a set of free earplugs at the Circ Desk. Travel to the east side of the building where it may be quieter. And remember "temporary inconvenience, permanent improvement!"

BMC submissions are FREE for UMB!

BioMed Central Logo

Did you know that fees for submission in BioMed Central (BMC) publications are waived for UMB researchers? Thanks to the continued HS/HSL support of BMC publications and a University System of Maryland consortia membership with BMC, you will not be responsible for the fees typically charged for submission in the over 160 peer-reviewed, open access journals. It’s easy to submit, but make sure to follow the instructions provided, as submission instructions do vary based on whether the submitter is on or off campus.

Visit the HS/HSL Scholarly Communication page linked on our main site to refer back to BMC submission instructions and learn more about our commitment to raise awareness regarding emerging publishing models.

One Stop Look-up for Journals – Both Print and Electronic

Now there is only one place to look to determine if the library owns a specific journal whether in print or electronic format. You no longer have to look in both the Library Catalog and the E-journal list.

Print journals have been added to the E-journal list so the link name has been changed to Journals.

The following example from the Journal list shows that we own JAMA in a print and an electronic format.

JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association (0098-7484)
from v.1:no.1(1883) to present in HSHSL Print Collection
from 01/01/1993 to present in Journals@Ovid Ovid Full Text

Fall treats: Cider and Cookies

Students, take a break from your work and join us for Fall treats.

On November 21st, 2:00-3:00 in the lobby of the Library we will be serving cider and cookies to wish you well as you head into the final stretch of the semester.

Please join us!

Celebrating Maryland Health → Go Local

Maryland Health → Go Local, a web-based statewide resource for locating health services and programs was officially launched at five regional receptions held in September and October. The Central Region reception, the grand finale, was held at the Health Sciences and Human Services Library (HS/HSL). Over sixty people attended.

Special guests, who each spoke enthusiastically about the web site, included Dr. Joshua M. Sharfstein, Commissioner, Baltimore City Health Department, Betsy Humphreys, Deputy Director, National Library of Medicine and T. Sue Gladhill, V.P. External Affairs, University of Maryland, Baltimore. Receptions were also held in Western Maryland at the Western Maryland Area Health Education Center, Cumberland; in Southern Maryland at St. Mary’s College Library, St. Mary’s City; the Eastern Shore at the Eastern Shore Area Health Education Center, Easton and the Capitol Region at the Wheaton Regional Library, Wheaton.

Although the celebrations are over, the work continues as staff of the HS/HSL continue to develop and maintain the web site. If you haven’t had a chance to look at Maryland Health → Go Local, go to and let us know what you think!

Upcoming HS/HSL class – NIH Public Access Policy: What is it all About?

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) strongly encourages NIH-funded investigators to make their peer-reviewed final manuscripts available to the public through PubMed Central. You can learn more at

The Library offers a class that discusses the evolution of this policy and demonstrates how to submit manuscripts into PubMed Central.

December 5, 10:00 am to 11:00 am

Other upcoming sessions included:

Patient Health Literacy and the Consent Process
Personal Digital Assistants: An Introduction to Mobile Computing

School of Pharmacy Library Liaison

The Library has had a successful liaison program with the individual schools on campus for many years. The liaisons also work collaboratively with their individual schools to provide community-based health information outreach.

Julie Nanavati

Julie Nanavati

Julie Nanavati is the Library’s Liaison to the School of Pharmacy.  She received her Master’s Degree in Library Science from the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Before coming to the Library she worked as a Reference Librarian for the Maryland AIDS Administration Resource Center in Baltimore.

Please email Julie at, or call 6-8868 to discuss how she can help support your instructional needs or outreach projects. Julie will also be available on November 28th from 12-2 in the Pharmacy Hall Lounge. Stop by and see her!

October 2006 – Volume 1 – Number 1

Name the Library E-Newsletter – Win an iPod

The Library E-Newsletter needs a name! The E-Newsletter is the best way to keep current with the latest resources and services that the library has to offer. Help us choose a name for the newsletter by filling out this form or visiting the library website to submit your suggestions. Here’s an incentive: the winner will be awarded an iPod.

Using a campus email address, any faculty, staff or student may enter the naming contest. All entries should be in by November 30th and the winners name will appear in our December issue.

The winning entry will be creative and fun…

De-containerization of the Library

M.J. Tooey

Welcome to our e-newsletter. We’ve been thinking about this electronic format for a long time. It doesn’t have a name yet but hopefully, you will help with that.

As part of our strategic planning work, we have been wrestling with the future of the library. While it is important for the library to remain as a place (our gate count has skyrocketed this fall), we are surprised by users who regard us as only a place with books. We are so much more! Our work and resources are becoming de-containerized. The majority of our resources are available digitally. We regard our website as another service desk. However, by losing our physical "containers" do we risk losing our identity and importance? I can’t tell you how many times I hear from users, "I never come to the library anymore. I get everything I need online." Last year, 325,000 people physically entered our building but there were over 25 million hits on our websites. When you use our digital resources, you are entering the de-containerized library. So, I say to the 25,325,000 of you who used the HS/HSL, thank you!

E-Newsletter Subscription Contest Winners

Congratulations to Lyndsay Higgins (2nd Year Dental Student), Lida Alimorad (1st Year Dental Student), and Kimberly Smith (2nd Year Medical Student), winners of the eNewsletter subscription contest. Each of our winners will receive Barnes & Noble gift cards of $50, $25, and $10 respectively. These gift cards can also be used at the UMB Bookstore.

Thank you to all of those who entered. We hope you enjoy receiving our monthly eNewsletter!

Liaison and Outreach Services

The Library has had a successful liaison program with the individual schools on campus for many years. One faculty librarian is assigned as a liaison to each school on campus. The liaisons provide onsite and web-based instruction for the faculty, staff and students of UMB, offer general classes as part of the HS/HSL class schedule, provide consulting services for faculty and students, and support campus research through participation in development of print and online collections, among many other activities.

Recently, our program has expanded to include a new component – working with the schools to provide health information outreach in communities throughout the state of Maryland. The liaisons work collaboratively with their individual schools to provide community-based health information outreach.

To learn how a liaison might work in partnership to support your community outreach efforts, please contact Paula Raimondo, Head of Liaison and Outreach Services, at, or (410) 706-8875.

For a complete list of library liaisons and their contact information.

In this issue of the eNewsletter we highlight two of the six library liaisons, Dental School Library Liaison: Mary Ann Williams and School of Social Work Library Liaison: Anna Tatro. Look for information on our other liaisons in future issues.

Dental School Library Liaison: Mary Ann Williams

Mary Ann Williams, MSLS, has provided support to faculty, staff & students through instructional classes, presentations, consultations and collection development as the Liaison to the Dental School for over 15 years.

Mary Ann introduces the first year dental students to the general resources and services of the Library as part of their orientation. She then builds on this foundation in the first year class, "Principles in Scientific Evidence", where she concentrates on instructing the students in researching the literature using Medline. Mary Ann would like to expand the instructional contact to include upper level students whose focus is on clinical care. She also provides instruction to several classes within the Dental Hygiene curriculum.

Please email her at, or call 6-8863 if you would like to discuss how she can help support your instructional needs or outreach projects.

School of Social Work Library Liaison: Anna Tatro

Anna Tatro received her Master’s of Library Science from Emporia State University in May 2005 and joined the HS/HSL staff in October 2005. She is the library’s Liaison to the School of Social Work. Anna supports the school by teaching courses, providing consultations, offering open lab hours, and purchasing materials for the library’s collections. She is also actively involved in promoting Maryland Health → Go Local through outreach activities.

Through instructional sessions Anna helps students become familiar with the Library’s webpage and many databases. Consultations, where students and faculty can get more in-depth instruction and help with specific research, are offered by appointment.

Anna is enthusiastic about being involved with the School of Social Work and would like to meet as many of its faculty, staff and students as possible and assist them with their library and information needs. Please email her at, or call 6-7374 if you would like to discuss how she can help support your instructional needs or outreach projects.

Fall 2006 Classes

Each semester the Library offers instructional sessions to help UMB faculty, staff, and students improve their searching skills and better manage information. For complete information about the classes, visit the Fall 2006 Class Schedule. Classes are free and there is an easy online registration process. For more information, call (410) 706-7996.

Upcoming sessions included:

  • Ovid Medline: the Basics
  • Google: Finding Scholarly Information on the Web
  • Are you Being Cited? and Science Citation Index (SCI) Expanded
  • Locating the Evidence
  • PubMed Basics and Advanced

Faculty Input Saves SciFinder Scholar

In 2005-2006 the HS/HSL ran a pilot project for the powerful desktop research tool, SciFinder Scholar which provides chemical and related scientific information. This database had been requested by researchers for years. The HS/HSL could not afford to license the database with its limited budget. Armed with usage statistics and over 20 testimonials supporting continued access to this essential tool, the library requested funding from Academic Affairs. When presented with the collective evidence, Dr. Malinda Orlin, Vice President for Academic Affairs agreed to support this resource. Thanks to Dr. Orlin for the funding and to the research faculty and staff for their passionate support for this product.

Learn more about SciFinder and obtain download instructions.

Kendall Collection

On October 13, the Library hosted a memorial celebration for Florence Kendall, presented by the Department of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science. The principal architect of professional education and practice in physical therapy, Florence Kendall died last January.

Florence donated her personal book collection to the Library in 1999. At the memorial celebration, we unveiled our new Kendall Historical Collection web pages. The pages, available at include a biographical article about Florence, and trace the history of her book MUSCLES : TESTING AND FUNCTION, the core text in physical therapy programs worldwide. We also highlight many other selections from the collection.

For further information, contact Historical Librarian Rich Behles at (410) 706-5048, or

Dave Pumplin Exhibits in Weise Gallery

The Freida O. Weise Gallery currently features the photographs of Dave Pumplin. Dave has had photographs accepted at the Washington School of Photography juried show and recently was awarded first prize in the nature category in a photography contest for the North Central Rail Trail.

Dave seeks to present images that convey information and that are beautiful. He is attracted to combinations of shapes and colors, some subtle, some bold, and looks for patterns that might at first glance be hidden. He particularly enjoys photographing children with their unforced openness of expression.

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